Gidae Academy


What People Say

Thank you Gidae Taekwondo for the love and dedication you have given to our girls before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. An academy that truly cares for every individual physically and mentally. The in school provision being equally matched by the online provision at this trying time. My daughter walks away from a class glowing with joy and full of ease and energy. A truly amazing team, who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Tracey Eaden
My daughter (Samantha) is extremely happy with her professional taekwondo class teachers. She always looks forward to school every Wednesday and has always found the instructors amazingly professional, fun and knowledgeable. As a busy mother, after school programs held at the school campus saves me a lot of time. I am forever grateful that Samantha is learning from the best instructors, interacting and having fun with classmates and friends at the same time. Natalina and Ryan are phenomenal taekwondo service provider around Surrey area-highly recommended! The instructors work so hard and provide us with a friendly, honest, speedy service and good quality kit for our children. You are delivering a great service Ryan and Natalina, and that makes a great testimonial.
Ms Minnie Mamerga
Samantha’s mum
Prior to making a final decision on whether my daughter should attend Ryan and Natalina's Taekwondo Academy I decided to have a quick chat; on disconnecting the phone I knew instantly that this was the Academy that my daughter should attend. Both Natalina and Ryan are attentive and exceptional at their craft. My daughter enjoys being in their Taekwondo class.
Roger Ferguson
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Andrea Velle