Gidae Academy

What We Offer

Free Taster Days

We offer a free, no obligation, taster day where we come into the school and teach the children and young people taekwondo and self-defence. It is such a fun packed day, and such a hit with both the children and staff. It creates such a positive vibe around the school, and leaves children talking about the fun they’ve had while learning some techniques to defend themselves and have awareness while learning self-defence.

PE Lessons

Curriculum time classes are very popular, and all our programmes are written and designed in line with the National Curriculum. We have specially designed lesson plans for each session, and a set plan which covers the lessons for the term.

RNC Programme ‘Reach New Confidence’

This is a specially written and designed programme by Mr Cousins for primary and secondary schools. Please ask for more information.

After School Clubs

These are fast becoming a much sought-after service for many schools, and the most popular classes we run. We have a specially written and designed programme for students to follow, that can get them to achieve black belt status.

Lunch Clubs

Our lunch clubs are designed to support children with additional needs and an outlet for children to burn off energy, for all ages and abilities and to grow in confidence in a unique way. This has such a positive impact on their learning in the classroom and their behaviour, and their growth mindset. Afternoon lessons become much more focused, and behaviour is evident that there is a marked improvement.

PSHE Sessions (Personal Social and Health Education)

This often runs in line with our RNC programme or can be a stand-alone session. Please ask for more information.

Class Talks

These sessions are written with the desires and needs of the class teacher, and are interactive sessions and a great way to discuss all topics and aspects of life in a practical and interactive way.

Inset/Staff Training Days

We run courses specifically designed for teachers and staff during term time or inset/training days, which includes advice and guidance on our curriculum lessons and how to teach them. This includes a practical workshop and access to our online resources, and drills and exercises for staff to use within their own PE classes.

CPD Training

This is a very up and coming service, with a lot of interest from schools. It is a programme we have written for staff and teachers which has proven to be an excellent method of team building workshop and building confidence in adults. Staff are taught a range of self defence moves and fitness work, where they are left excited for the following week and spend time team building.